Several experts in vascular surgery, cardiovascular sciences, statistics and other aspects of qualitative and clinical research are involved in this ambitious project.


Professor Simon Thompson:         

Professor Thompson is an expert in medical statistics. He has been involved in research into aneurysm screening for many years and led the research studies that resulted in the formation of the male AAA screening programme in the UK.

Professor Janet Powell:

Professor Powell is a world-expert in all aspects of treating aneurysms and has led many of the major research studies into aneurysms over the last two decades.

Dr Michael Sweeting:

Dr Sweeting is a statistician with particular expertise in what causes aneurysms to grow and how to study aneurysm growth.

Dr Edmund Jones:

Dr Jones works at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge. He has a PhD in computational statistics and will perform the computer programming required for the project.

Dr Pinar Ulug:

Dr Ulug is an experienced clinical trials manager having most recently worked with Professor Powell on the IMPROVE trial that looked at the best way to treat patients with ruptured aneurysms.

Dr Matt Glover:

Dr Glover is an expert in determining how cost effective health treatments such as screening are. He will use the information generated by this study to work out if screening women is good value to the NHS.

Professor Matt Bown:

Professor Bown is a vascular surgeon and treats patients with aneurysms on a regular basis. He is responsible for the communication of project details with patients and the public. Professor Bown is also leading the "FAST" Study (Female Aneurysm Screening Study) in the East Midlands (Leicester), details of which you can find here: